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  • What should I pay attention to when using or storing TFT LCD?

    What should I pay attention to when using or storing TFT LCD?

    First, when using TFT LCD, please pay attention to whether the viewing angle of LCD is consistent with the purpose of your product, and check the installation direction of LCD. You can find the viewing angle parameters in the PDF specification of LCD for confirmation.

    2021-08-04 16:30:03
  • Why is TFT LCD relatively environmentally friendly?

    Why is TFT LCD relatively environmentally friendly?

    TFT color LCD is more and more widely used indoors and outdoors, especially the wide temperature TFT LCD is in increasing demand in many fields.

  • TFT LCD driving mode

    TFT LCD driving mode

    The main components of TFT LCD include fluorescent tube, light guide plate, polarizer, filter plate, glass substrate, alignment film, liquid crystal material, thin mode transistor and so on. Firstly, the LCD must first use the backlight, that is, the fluorescent tube to project the light source. These light sources will first pass through a polarizing plate and then pass through the liquid crystal. At this time, the arrangement of liquid crystal molecules will change the light angle penetrating the liquid crystal. Then the light must pass through the front color filter film and another polarizer. Therefore, as long as we change the voltage value of stimulating liquid crystal, we can control the light intensity and color at last, and then change the color combination with different depths on the liquid crystal panel.

  • What is TFT LCD LVDS interface?

    What is TFT LCD LVDS interface?

    LVDS interface is also a common communication interface in TFT LCD interface. Its English name is lowvoltagedifferential signaling, which is a low-voltage differential signal technology interface. It is a digital video signal transmission mode developed by NS company (National Semiconductor Company) to overcome the disadvantages of high power consumption and large EMI electromagnetic interference when transmitting broadband high bit rate data at TTL level.

  • What is the difference between TFT LCD and STN LCD

    What is the difference between TFT LCD and STN LCD

    TFT liquid crystal screen refers to thin film transistor, that is, each liquid crystal pixel is driven by the thin film transistor integrated behind the pixel, so as to display screen information at high speed, high brightness and high contrast. It is one of the best LCD color display devices at present.


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